Libri scritti da Elisabetta Eordegh e Carlo Auriemma

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Lug 222015
Libro Under the endless Sky

Libro Under the endless Sky Carlo Auriemma – Elisabetta Eördegh A true story that reads like a novel. A man and a woman leave a normal lifestyle of home and office, similar to that of millions of others, and set off to sail around the world on a sailboat. They uncover distant lands, forgotten archipelagos, emotions, fears, […] Continua

Lug 172015
Libro Sailing around the world

Libro Sailing around the world Carlo Auriemma – Elisabetta Eördegh 304 pagine a colori Editrice White Star S.p.A.   The idea of sailing around the world fascinates even the landlubbers among us. Elisabetta Eördegh and Carlo Auriemma have actually lived this dream for more than 20 years, journeying from the Polynesian islands to the Panama Canal. […] Continua